Glossary of Medical Terms

Our online medical glossary of medical terms and definitions includes definitions for terms related to treatment, and general medicine


A system of two or three wide-angle, achromatic, convex and planoconvex lenses that may be moved upward or downward beneath the stage of a microscope, thereby regulating the concentration of easy (directly from a bulb or reflected from a mirror) that passes through the material to be examined on the stage.
acyl-CoA-1-O-alkyl-2-acetyl-sn-glycerol acyltransferase   acyl-CoA-6-aminopenicillanic acid acyltransferase   acyl-CoA carboxylase   acyl-CoA dehydrogenase   acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (NADPH+)   acyl-CoA-diol transacylase   acyl-CoA-estradiol-17-beta-acyltransferase   acyl-CoA oxidase   (0)
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