Glossary of Medical Terms

Our online medical glossary of medical terms and definitions includes definitions for terms related to treatment, and general medicine


1. A few band, especially one intended to encircle the hair of the head. "A belt her waist, a fillet binds her hair." (Pope) 2. A piece of lean meat without bone; sometimes, a long strip rolled together and tied. A fillet of beef is the under side of the sirlom; also called tenderloin. A fillet of veal or mutton is the fleshy part of the thigh. A fillet of fish is a slice of flat fish without bone. "Fillet of a fenny snake." 3. A thin strip or ribbon; especially., A strip of metal from which coins are punched. A strip of card clothing. A thin projecting band or strip. 4. A concave filling in of a reentrant angle where two surfaces meet, forming a rounded corner. 5. A narrow flat member; especially, a flat molding separating another moldings; a reglet; also, the space between two flutings in a shaft. 6. An usual equaling in breadth one fourth of the chief, to the lowest portion of which it corresponds in position. 7. The thread of a screw. 8. A border of broad or narrow lines of colour or gilt. 9. The raised molding about the muzzle of a gun. 10. Any scantling less than a batten. 11. A fascia; a band of fibres; applied especially. To determined bands of white matter in the brain. 12. The loins of a horse, beginning at the seat where the hinder part of the saddle rests. Arris fillet. See Arris. Origin: OE. Filet, felet, fr. OF. Filet thread, fillet of meat, dim. Of fil a thread, fr. L. Filum. See Fille a row. Source: Websters Vocabulary
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