Glossary of Medical Terms

Our online medical glossary of medical terms and definitions includes definitions for terms related to treatment, and general medicine


Oils tall in unsaturated fats extracted from the bodies of fish or fish parts, especially the livers. Those from the liver are generally tall in vitamin a. The oils are used as dietary supplements, in soaps and detergents, as protective coatings, and as a base for another food commodity such as vegetable shortenings.
D-(-)-tartrate dehydratase   DT-diaphorase   dTDP   dTDP-4-dehydrorhamnose reductase   dTDP-4-keto-6-deoxyglucose aminotransferase   dTDP-4-ketorhamnose 3,5-epimerase   dTDP-D-glucose synthase   dTDPglucose 4,6-dehydratase   (0)
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