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The deepest and most prominent of the cortical fissures, extending from the anterior perforated stuff first laterally at the deep incisure between the frontal and temporal lobes, then back and slightly upward over the lateral aspect of the cerebral hemisphere, with the superior temporal gyrus as its lower bank, the insula forming its greatly expanded floor. Two short side divisions, the ramus anterior and ramus ascendens, divide the inferior frontal gyrus into an orbital part, triangular part, and opercular part. Synonym: sulcus lateralis cerebri, fissura cerebri lateralis, lateral cerebral fissure, sylvian fissure, fissure of Sylvius.
ramus parietalis arteriae temporalis superficialis   ramus parieto-occipitalis   ramus parotidei arteriae temporalis superficialis   ramus perforans   ramus perforans arteriae fibularis   ramus perforantes arteriae thoracicae internae   ramus perforantes arteriarum metacarpalium palmarium   ramus perforantes arteriarum metatarsearum plantarium   (1)
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