Glossary of Medical Terms

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1. The act or operation of holding, suturing or fastening in a fixed position. The condition of being held in a fixed position. 2. A term with two related but distinct meanings: 1. Arrest of development at a special stage, which like regression (return to an earlier stage), if temporary is a usual reaction to setbacks and difficulties but if protracted or frequent is a reason of developmental failures and emotional problems. 3. A close and suffocating attachment to other face, especially a childhood figure, such as one's mother or father. Both meanings are derived from psychoanalytic theory and refer to fixation of libidinal energy either in a specific erogenous zone, hence fixation at the oral, anal or phallic stage or in a specific object, hence mother or father fixation. 4. The use of a fixative to preserve histological or cytological specimens. 5. The process whereby a stuff is removed from the gaseous or solution phase and localised, as in carbon dioxide fixation or nitrogen fixation. 6. The direction of the gaze so that the visual image of the object falls on the fovea centralis. 7. In movie processing, the chemical removal of all undeveloped salts of the movie emulsion, leaving only the developed silver to form a permanent image. 8. A common term for determination of type, whether by designation, or indication. Origin: L. Fixatio
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