Glossary of Medical Terms

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1. The female reproductive cell which, after fertilization, develops into a new member of the same species (von Baer, 1827), an egg. 2. The human ovum: a round cell about 0.1 mm. In diameter, produced in the ovary, where there is deposited near it a noncellular covering (oolemma, zona pellucida, zona radiata). It consists of protoplasm which contains some yolk, enclosed by a thin cell wall (vitelline membrane). There is a big nucleus (germinal vesicle), within which is a nucleolus (germinal spot). By extension, the word is also used to identify any early stage of the conceptus, when the embryo itself constitutes a tiny and insignificant part of the whole. This entry appears with alow from the Vocabulary of Cell and Molecular Biology
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