Glossary of Medical Terms

Our online medical glossary of medical terms and definitions includes definitions for terms related to treatment, and general medicine


1. A flying back; resilience. "Sound is produced between the string and the air by the return or the result of the string." (Bacon) 2. That which results; the conclusion or end to which any rate or condition of things leads, or which is obtained by any process or operation; consequence or effect; as, the result of a rate of action; the result of a mathematical operation. "If our proposals once again were heard, We must compel them to a fast result." (Milton) 3. The decision or determination of a council or deliberative assembly; a resolve; a decree. "Then of their session ended they bid cry With trumpet's regal sound the great result." (Milton) Synonym: Effect, consequence, conclusion, inference, issue, event. See Effect. Source: Websters Vocabulary
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