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1. That which is right or correct. Specifically: The straight rate; adherence to duty; obedience to lawful authority, divine or human; freedom from guilt, the opposite of moral wrong. A true statement; freedom from error of falsehood; adherence to truth or fact. "Seldom your opinions err; Your eyes are always in the right." (Prior) A just judgment or action; that which is true or proper; justice; uprightness; integrity. "Long love to her has borne the faithful knight, And well deserved, had fortune done him right." (Dryden) 2. That to which one has a just claim. Specifically: That which one has a natural claim to exact. "There are no rights whatever, without corresponding duties." (Coleridge) That which one has a legal or social claim to do or to exact; legal strength; authority; as, a sheriff has a right to arrest a criminal. That which justly belongs to one; that which one has a claim to possess or own; the interest or share which anyone has in a piece of property; title; claim; interest; ownership. "Born free, he sought his right." (Dryden) "Hast thou not right to all created things?" (Milton) "Men have no right to what is not reasonable." (Burke) Privilege or immunity granted by authority. 3. The right side; the side opposite to the left. "Led her to the Souldan's right." (Spenser) 4. In some legislative bodies of Europe (as in France), those members collectively who are conservatives or monarchists. See Center. 5. The outward or most finished surface, as of a piece of dress, a carpet, etc. at all right, at all points; in all respects. Count of rights, a list of rights; a paper containing a declaration of rights, or the declaration itself. See Count. By right, By rights, or By good rights, rightly; properly; correctly. "He must himself use it by right." (Chaucer) "I must have been a woman by right." (Shak) Divine right, or Divine right of kings, a name given to the patriarchal theory of government, especially to the doctrine that no misconduct and no dispossession can forfeit the right of a monarch or his heirs to the throne, and to the obedience of the people. To rights. In a direct line; straight. At once; directly. To set to rights, To put to rights, to put in good order; to adjust; to regulate, as what is out of order. Writ of right, a writ which lay to recover lands in fee simple, unjustly withheld from the true owner. Origin: AS. Right. See Right. 1. Straight; direct; not crooked; as, a right line. "Right as any line." 2. Upright; erect from a base; having an upright axis; not oblique; as, right ascension; a right pyramid or cone. 3. Conformed to the constitution of man and the will of God, or to justice and equity; not deviating from the true and just; according with truth and duty; just; true. "That which is conformable to the Supreme Rule is absolutely right, and is called right simply without relation to a particular end." (Whately) 2. Fit; comfortable; proper; correct; becoming; as, the right man in the right seat; the right way from London to Oxford. 5. Characterised by reality or genuineness; real; actual; not spurious. "His right wife." "In this battle, . . . The Britons never more plainly manifested themselves to be right barbarians." (Milton) 6. According with truth; passing a true judgment; conforming to fact or intent; not mistaken or incorrect; not erroneous; correct; as, this is the right faith. "You are right, Justice, and you weigh this well." (Shak) "If there be no prospect beyond the grave, the inference is . . . Right, "Let us ate and drink, for to-morrow we die."" (Locke) 7. most favorable or convenient; fortunate. "The lady has been disappointed on the right side." (Spectator) 8. Of or pertaining to that side of the body in man on which the muscular action is generally stronger than on the another side; opposed to left when used in reference to a part of the body; as, the right side, arm, hand. Also applied to the corresponding side of the lower animals. "Became the sovereign's favorite, his right hand." (Longfellow) In designating the banks of a river, right and left are used always with reference to the position of one who is facing in the direction of the current's flow. 9. Well placed, disposed, or adjusted; orderly; well regulated; correctly done. 10. Designed to be placed or worn outward; as, the right side of a piece of dress. at right angles, so as to form a right angle or right angles, as when one line crosses other perpendicularly. Right and left, in both or all directions. Right and left coupling, a sphere in such a position that the equator cuts the horizon at right angles; in spherical projections, that position of the sphere in which the primitive plane coincides with the plane of the equator. Right is used elliptically for it is right, what you speak is right, true. ""Right," cries his lordship." (Pope) Synonym: Straight, direct, perpendicular, upright, lawful, rightful, true, correct, just, equitable, proper, comfortable, becoming. Origin: OE. Right, riht, AS. Riht; akin to D. Regt, OS. & OHG. Reht, G. Recht, Dan. Ret, Sw. Ratt, Icel. Rettr, Goth. Raihts, L. Rectus, p. P. Of regere to manual, rule; cf. Skr. Ju straight, right. Cf. Adroit,Alert, Correct, Cloth, Regular, Rector, Recto, Rectum, Regent, Region, Realm, Wealthy, Riyal, Rule. Source: Websters Vocabulary
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