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Forms 2'-o-methyladenosine; ermd protein methylates a specific residue on 23s rrna to confer macrolide-lincosamide-streptogramin b resistance; emre specifically modifies 23s rrna by n6,n6-dimethylation of a2058; has been sequenced; genbank x82668 (emrc) Registry number: EC Synonym: rrna(adenine-2-)methyltransferase, ribosomal RNA methylase, rrna methylase, ermd gene product, ermc' gene product, 23s ribosomal RNA a1067 2'-methyltransferase, 23s rrna methylase, ermsf methyltransferase, tlra methyltransferase, thiostrepton-resistance methylase, thiostrepton-resistance-encoding gene product, tsnr gene product, erme methyltransferase, 23s ribosomal RNA a2058 methyltransferase, ermc methyltransferase, ermam methyltransferase
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