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Not thickly or closely; in a seattered state; as, seed sown thin. "Spain is thin sown of people." (Bacon) 1. Having few thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite; as, a thin plate of metal; thin paper; a thin board; a thin covering. 2. Rare; not dense or fat; applied to fluids or soft mixtures; as, thin blood; thin broth; thin air. "In the day, when the air is more thin." (Bacon) "Satan, bowing low His gray dissimulation, disappeared, Into thin air diffused." (Milton) 3. Not close; not crowded; not filling the space; not having the individuals of which the thing is composed in a close or compact state; hence, not abundant; as, the trees of a forest are thin; the cereal or herb is thin. "Ferrara is very big, but extremely thin of people." (Addison) 4. Not full or well grown; wanting in plumpness. "Seven thin ears . . . Blasted with the east wind." (Gen. Xli. 6) 5. Not stout; slim; slender; lean; gaunt; as, a face becomes thin by disease. 6. Wanting in body or volume; little; feeble; not full. "Thin, hollow sounds, and lamentable screams." (Dryden) 7. Slight; little; slender; flimsy; wanting stuff or depth or force; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering; as, a thin disguise. "My story is done, for my wit is but thin." (Chaucer) Thin is used in the formation of compounds which are mostly self-explaining; as, thin-faced, thin-lipped, thin-peopled, thin-shelled, and the like. Thin section. See Section. Origin: OE. Thinne, thenne, thunne, AS. Thynne; akin to D. Dun, G. Dunn, OHG. Dunni, Icel. Thunnr, Sw. Tunn, Dan. Tynd, Gael. & Ir. Tana, W. Teneu, L. Tenuis, Gr. (in comp) stretched out, stretched, stretched out, long, Skr. Tanu thin, slender; also to AS. Enian to extend, G. Dehnen, Icel. Enja, Goth. Anjan (in comp), L. Tendere to stretch, tenere to keep, Gr. To stretch, Skr. Tan. 51 & 237. Cf. Attenuate, Dance, Tempt, Tenable, Tend to move, Tenous, Thunder, Tone. Source: Websters Vocabulary
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