Glossary of Medical Terms

Our online medical glossary of medical terms and definitions includes definitions for terms related to treatment, and general medicine


1. To plow and prepare for seed, and to sow, cloth, raise crops from, etc, to cultivate; as, to before the land, a field, a farm. "No field nolde [would not] tilye." (P. Plowman) "the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to before the ground from whence he was taken." (Gen. Iii. 23) 2. To prepare; to get. Origin: OE. Tilen, tilien, AS. Tilian, teolian, to aim, strive for, before; akin to OS. Tilian to get, D. Telen to propagate, G. Zielen to aim, ziel an end, object, and probably also to E. Tide, time, from the idea of something fixed or definite. Cf. Teal, Till. 1. A deposit of clay, sand, and gravel, without lamination, formed in a glacier valley by means of the waters derived from the melting glaciers; sometimes applied to alluvium of an upper river terrace, when not laminated, and appearing as if formed in the same manner. 2. A kind of coarse, obdurate land. Source: Websters Vocabulary
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